Santa Lost the Naughty or Nice List!

Santa lost the Naughty or Nice List!! What on earth is he going to do? This could be the ultimate “get out of jail card” for some naughty kids. What a great break for them all. I would have loved for this to have happened in my day because I was not always well-behaved. I often had to bargain with my parents to see if I could earn points to get off the “Naughty List possibly”.

santa-shocked santa face

The threat of that list was always on my mind during the Holiday Season. I was always concerned about which list I was on. However, that was then and this is now. The North Pole is supposed to be a place of great happiness and joy. A place with falling snowflakes and the laughter of the elves. Well, buckle up, folks, because we are going to explore the story of Santa’s fiasco, the lost Naughty or Nice List!

On a chilly morning in December, Santa woke up and headed to his workshop to check his list, not once, but as you all know “twice”. But he couldn’t find it anywhere. Shocked and very frantic, he began the search. He looked everywhere in the toy shop, under the work benches and even in his Sleigh. It wasn’t anywhere. Santa then headed for the reindeer stables looking in every stall. He woke up Rudolph, who lit up his nose and began helping Santa look. But, they found nothing.

santa-Mrs. Claus with cookies

At his wit’s end, Santa, had one more idea. He’d ask Mrs. Claus. So, he marched over to her cozy kitchen. The wonderful aroma of her freshly baked cookies almost made Santa forget his troubles. As he entered the kitchen he grabbed three of Mrs. Claus’ cookies and began munching. They were so good he almost forgot the reason for the visit. But, as he ate his cookies a thought occurred to him.

“Mrs. Claus, I was wondering, have you been hiding the Naughty or Nice list in your cookie jar again?” Santa asked with a slight teasing grin.

Mrs. Claus had a quick response, “Oh, sweet Santa, you know I would never hide your Naughty or Nice list and jeopardize the Joy of Christmas, however, I can’t say the same for those mischievous elves of yours!”

Santa marched back to the toy workshop to see what the elves had to say for themselves; they were known for always playing tricks on Santa. Suddenly, Rudolph came into the workshop with the list in his mouth and the elves began to giggle….GUILTY!

santa-elves and reindeer

So, it was the elves; they had been playing hide and seek with the list, and the last place they hid it was in Rudolph’s stall. Santa hadn’t found it when he searched the stables, because he had woke Rudolph and didn’t think to look in his stall when Rudolph offered to help him look for it. With his list in hand, Santa sat down to check it once and twice.

“OH, NO!” Santa yelled. The devious elves had scrambled the names, and now Nice kids were Naughty and vice versa. He didn’t know what to do. Fortunately, Santa’s head elf had anticipated that his mischievous crew might someday do this very thing and had created a special wand. With a wave of the wand with its Christmas Magic Santa was able to return the names on the list to their correct location. All thanks to the ingenuity of his head elf.

Our story of Santa’s fiasco has come to an end. The chaos at the North Pole is over and the wonderland we all love returned to normal. The air was filled with giggling elves and Santa’s hearty laugh. Santa showed us that even in the face of disaster, the joy of Christmas can turn any frown upside down.

So, this year as you hang your stockings and wait for Santa’s visit, take a moment and remember the year Santa lost his list, but was able to turn it all around with the help of a very Special Wand. Who knows maybe someone will get it for a Christmas present and create some magic for themselves.

We all know this is but a whimsical tale of Santa, the imaginary resident of the North Pole. But, as an adult, I made a conscious decision to uphold Santa’s existence. I’ve made the happy choice to carry on the tradition for my kids and grandkids (not to mention the joy it brings to me). The excitement in their eyes on Christmas Eve, when they hang their stockings and leave cookies for Santa, is priceless. Even though we know the truth, the legend of Santa represents more than simply the arrival of gifts. It also stands for the timeless spirit of kindness, comfort, and the pure pleasure of giving.

santa-children holding Christmas gifts

For me, embracing the playfulness and joy that the holiday season brings and rejecting the truth is what it means to me to be a lifelong believer in Santa. I help by providing a festive environment. One where the story of Santa’s Christmas Eve trip around the world bringing gifts becomes a family tradition. Being a kid at heart I love the thrill of it all keeping the excitement alive for the children in my life. I still play the game with my adult children. (they think I’m crazy). But, I’ve decided to hold onto this sweet secret. That way I can make sure that our family’s Christmas tradition—one that is full of love, laughter, and the enduring magic of Santa Claus—lasts forever. MERRY CHRISTMAS, EVERYONE!