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The Blockchain Wallet is must have for everyone in today’s society as we move rapidly into Cryptocurrencies and the Future. I am going to attempt to delve into the world of Blockchain Wallets, and unravel some of the confusions I had; from understanding the need to secure your digital assets and how this type of wallet keeps the financial control in your hands.

What exactly is a Blockchain Wallet?

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This is definitely a question that I need the answer to. Technology is not my strong point and advancements in it move very quickly today. I’m from the era of the “piggy bank” for collection of funds, so “blockchain” was as alien to me and a foreign language. The good news is that there is a wealth of information out there for you to study and learn, not to mention multiple podcasts that discuss the subject daily.

So, basically, my analogy of the “piggy bank” is not too far off because you can view a Blockchain Wallet as a digital piggy bank. It is used to hold your money, but it is a special kind of internet money that is known as cryptocurrencies. And this special digital piggy bank is used like the coin one from years ago, but instead of housing our pennies, it stores and manages our cryptocurrencies.

This whole thing may sound like a magical, imaginary world. It is far from imaginary because it is here and it is real, but it is quite magical. To describe how this works, imagine a never-ending book, it can be seen by everyone, but cannot be altered by anyone. This book is the blockchain, and its words are the records of all transactions made with cryptocurrencies. Your Blockchain Wallet interacts with this book by securely sending and receiving digital coins (cryptocurrencies).

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It is a digital wallet that makes it possible for users to store, trade, and manage their different and constantly growing cryptocurrency availability (such as Ethereum or Bitcoin). A blockchain wallet allows for simple funds transfers. And, because they are cryptographically signed, transactions are safe.

Understanding how Blockchain Wallets work helped me to see why they have become so popular. I have been the victim of credit card fraud and the idea of learning of a world where I can buys things without having to use or deal with banks was intriguing. I like the idea of having control over my money without any middleman. This blockchain technology has made that possible.

And, it is all possible because the Blockchain Wallets connect to the blockchain itself. The blockchain is a decentralized and tamper-resistant ledger (the never-ending book I described earlier). This ledger notes every transaction that is made with cryptocurrencies, which creates a crystal-clear and unchangeable history. Your wallet will then interact with the blockchain and you can start, confirm and verify transactions securely.

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Review of Some Features of Blockchain Wallet

  • It makes it possible quick, international transactions. Furthermore, there are no hurdles or middlemen involved. 
  • Money transfers are a lot less expensive than using conventional banks because of their minimal fees for transactions.
  • It is simple to use. It acts exactly like any other wallet or software that you may use for regular transactions.
  • It permits exchanges between different cryptocurrencies, therefore enables simple and quick currency conversions.
  • Very safe and secure. You only need to protect your private key.
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