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The Best Home School Program is here. This is an Online Private School where students learn facts and advance at their personal pace. It allows every Student to learn, grow, develop and graduate to their highest possible potential. Our teachers and staff strive to assist children in learning how to think for themselves. We teach facts and don’t indoctrinate, as well as help them to build their confidence. Our Online Private School meets the needs of our Children. Parents get Free Account Here and Check out what we have!

Education that is Direct-To-The-Home:

  • We have developed the solutions. Note that many aspects of our current Educational System is dysfunctional and broken. Belonging to a family of many educators, their complaints are constant. Some solutions have been put in place but were short-lived or non-effective. But, no more. We have the Solution.
  • Not your traditional “Home Schooling”. For those parents and leaders who support Home Schooling, we applaud you. But for many households this is not a good solution. We address the other issues and needs in our World.
  • Our Teachers can Get Paid What They Are Worth! Teachers give so much of themselves to our Children but in the current Educational System, see inadequate Compensation. (it’s nowhere near). Our Solution for this is effective and powerful. A well-paid Teacher tends to perform better and retrieve that “Enthusiastic Energy” that brought them into Education. And that energy benefits their Students. Therefore, we are attracting the Best Teachers in their Fields.

Education Needs Issues Solved with the Best Home School Program Solutions:

  • Parents may not be the Best Teachers for their Children. This is a fact we all can agree on. Not to mention many parents may not be in a situation where they can teach their Children. So the best Solution needs to provide transparency and full access to the Parents.
  • The Education must be delivered thru Educational Experts. The best Solution came thru Educational Experts. We choose Teachers highly Qualified in their Subjects, with the Skills to Connect with their Students and Deliver excellent education.
  • More Flexibility. We offer flexibility in the Time of Classes and the Ability to Access the Curriculum. The Live Classes and the Recorded Sessions of Classes are always available for the Students.
  • Addressing Social Interaction with Virtual Classes. Students can see their peers and share their needs. Interact constantly with each other and the Teacher.
  • Compliance with State Requirements for Grade Advancement, Degree and Graduation. Testing and Accountability is in accordance with their State.

We solved all this and so much more because we can now take all this around the Globe because of our huge Online Community. This is a platform that Students and Parents can participate in. And, now, with this Program, Community Members and Teachers can help and grow with us.

Some Benefits of our Online Education with this Remarkable Best Home School Program: (Parents, get your Free Account Here!)

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Online Classroom has Flexible Times: Based on Teacher availability and the different times they will be holding their live Classes. With us, the reach is unlimited because, for example, you can choose a fantastic Teacher in Los Angeles to teach your Child while you live in a small town in Ohio or somewhere in New York City.

Access to Recorded Classes: This allows a Student to keep up with their classes at all times. No matter the reason for them missing a “Live Class” whether illness or vacations with the family. It’s an incredible way for them to catch up, keep on track, and participate in their own growth. Our children will be able to experience control of their own time freedom and develop time management.

Students and Parents have Control over Choosing their Teachers: Because this Program is Online Education; Teacher location is not an issue. You will have flexible choices to select the Teachers educating your Children. Part of the Solution here is for you to find a Teacher that connects with the Student.

Addressing Funding and Cost Concerns:

It is a Private Education Solution here and because it was established with the proper and correct methods; we gain access to funding solutions. Once the Parent Account is established and the Students enter the Network, they have access to the Funding information constantly. In addition, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the Incredible Value of this Program. The Online Community that supports the Program and this Fantastic Solution is truly amazing and the results are priceless. For further details: Go here to set up your Free Parent Account. Look at what we have to offer and then grab a spot for your children!

Every Wednesday Evening You Can Join Us on Zoom to hear more about this Best Home School Program. We use the time to Share with New Teachers, New Families and New Students how they can join this wonderful Educational Program and be part of the Solution:

  • WHERE: In our Global Zoom Access Room (JOIN US HERE). Or you can enter the Zoom Meeting Room: 267 159 642. You also can access the Location on YouTube.Go Here for the Channel.  From that Channel you will find Supporting and Previous recordings. NOTE: If you find that the Global Zoom Room is Full, you can Go to our YouTUBE Channel to access the Live Broadcast of this Zoom Information Training.
  • WHEN: Every Wednesday Night. 5:30 pm PST / 6:30 pm MST / 7:30 pm CST / 8:30 pm EST / 9:30 pm AST. NOTE: In the near future as we expand around the Globe, we will be adding additional meeting times.
  • WHAT TO BRING: An Excitement for and Open Mind toward a Progressive Change for our Children’s Education. Bring yourself, your students, your families, and teachers you know who are interested in an opportunity to be part of the solution. We are building a new, intuitive way to solve the Education Needs of the Future. But we are doing it TODAY! Welcome to our Solution.

This Best Home School Program starts in the USA, as we support education for all the States, our Military Bases, and our American citizens around the World. We believe this is the Educational Solution we need and you can be part of this new, unique and IMPROVED American Education System. This Solution for our Education Future is created and introduced to you by Entrepreneurs and our massive “Caring” Online Community.

Advantages of Our Direct-To-The Home Education for Everyone:

  • Allows for Security in the Home Environment. Parents are involved, though Teachers are guiding the Curriculum. We get to allow experts to teach the children. Though with absolute oversight by the Parents.
  • A Virtual Solution: With this Online Education, Students don’t get stuck in one place and can travel or experience other activities with their families. Great flexibility because their learning is available as long as they have internet access. Imagine what this means! Bringing the best in Private Education to everyone. All accessible through a Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, or Smartphone.
  • Access to Sports and Extra-Curricular Activities is Also Available: All this will be covered in our Student and Parent Training Process. But, know that with this Education Solution, Sports and Extra-Curricular Activities will thrive. As a Result Students can access the best in Education and Options for Sports and other Extra-Curricular Activities.
  • This is a Growing Community, so more is constantly coming. We’ll add new Courses of Study and Activities and Access to Experts in new and growing Fields. This provides even more Opportunities for the Future.
  • Unlimited Potential Here. There is so many directions for us to continue to grow. Our Strength as Entrepreneurs in our Society and the will of Teachers to make a Difference in Education is very Powerful. So let’s mold our New Future Together!
  • No More Location Limitations. Despite a Student’s Physical Location, they gain access to all opportunities, therefore Globally, more options to more Students. A truly extraordinary way to achieve time freedom!

There’s More, Too:

Through this Solution, Tutoring is available. Consequently, Students can obtain the extra support they require. Furthermore, remember experts developed these Tutoring Solutions.  Our excitement is high as we spread this Education Solution over the Globe!

Parents Get the Information and Begin Here!

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