Amazing Skin Balm, a Healing Miracle

Skin issues? Are you suffering? Scars, grafts, and rashes, help is here. And so much more. This is a skin-healing miracle you won’t want to pass up. I know I was so excited when introduced to this product; because it is wonderful. My only regret is that it wasn’t available when my children were suffering from horrible diaper rash, and my husband was recovering from having had a graft. I worked for 20 years as an RN and washed my hands more than 50 times an hour. Needless to say, keeping my hands from chaffing and hurting was a challenge, but if I’d had this product, I am more than confident my suffering would have been greatly reduced.

Please check into this amazing new product that can change your life. Furthermore, it is useful for all skin types. Do you have problems with healing from razor burns, cuts, various breakouts, dryness, eczema, sunburn, various ingrowns, new tattoos, and stretch marks? This could be your fantastic solution!

The following information will definitely intrigue you to check into this amazing new product:

skin-healing tattoo on forearm
  • No Animal Testing – Animal rights advocates love this!
  • Manufactured and Formulated in the US – Alma and Amber, the Founders, are proud that this is an American product.
  • No Toxins Here – No harsh chemicals, dyes or parabens (made-made preservatives often used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals) found in their ingredients.
  • Constructed by Estheticians (a professional who specializes in facials and various skin care techniques) – the best person to create this product, using with their businesses and clients!
  • All-natural Ingredients – All clean ingredients and just those will promote healing. The blend created works together for the best results for you!

Rehydrate While You Heal Your Skin

skin-two hands compared healing

Many balms and lotions, especially those that are petroleum based don’t rehydrate the skin, but actually prevent it from absorbing all the benefits intended for the skin. Though they can offer a small amount of rehydration, it is only temporary relief and not sustainable. Temporary relief is not your solution.

Rehydrate with this Skin Healing Balm and heal your skin at the same time. Check out the image to your left. Horrible eczema causing pain and irritation, but after skin healing balm, noticeable healthy skin and a healthy look. Therefore, if you suffer from annoying skin conditions like exzema, psorisis, or rosacia, you really need to give this a try. Do you have a baby suffering from diaper rash? Report of wonderful results for diaper rash with this.

Skin Healing Balm-Use for So Many Issues!

Explore the best way for you to use this skin healing balm. New tattoo, skin grafts, rashes, sunburn, and so much more. Look into what skin issues have been helped with this wonderful product. So many reports of reduced healing times! Have you been a victim of a mastectomy? So many have reported this reduced their healing time.

Because you can use this product for all skin types and is all-natural, you can experiment with your skin issues and explore if this exciting product helps you heal quicker. Packaging available allows you to carry in your purse or diaper bag, beach bag. Any skin issue, give this a try. I have a bad habit of pulling the skin around my nails, which many times causes irritation and bleeding. Applying this to those finger injuries has healed the area so much quicker than just waiting for nature. As a nurse, I know that the longer you leave unattended broken skin, the greater the possibility of infection.

As a nurse and working on a geriatric ward for part of my career, I encountered endless issues with bed sores. I’m now retired, but wished I had this product then to help my suffering patients. I will defintely be showing my Medical Professional contacts this product in hopes they will provide information to the care professionals to consider making this wonderful product part of their “skin care protocol”!

Founders With an Admirable Mission

skin-picture of two founders

I am so impressed with the two ladies who developed this amazing product. Why? Because this is what they believe: “Energy dedicated to healing is beautiful and powerful. Self-compassion and self-care rituals are to be practiced, endlessly. Every soul’s healing narrative is beautiful. Healing rituals restore the skin, mind, body, and heart.” That’s amazing to me! How can you not look at what these two women have to offer?

Here on our Online Community we are introduced to wonderful products. Because of that we not only can offer you this wonder product allowing you to help you heal from the outside, but also we have a way to heal your body from the “inside out”. So happy to share all of this with you!

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