Teach From Home And Earn More With Brainfood Academy

Teach From Home and earn more than you imagined with Brainfood Academy. With this Private School, Online Platform, you’ll have the ability to teach more students in a class and the potential to earn so much more than their current job. With flexible hours, you can teach multiple classes at different times of the day and in many time zones. Teachers also have the autonomy and freedom to teach in the way their unique skills allow without preset demands. Therefore, you can be part of our Private Online Education Program that gives our children the education they truly need and deserve.

Unique Qualities of Our Online Private School Platform

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  • Teacher Autonomy. Unfortunately, in our current Educational System are teachers are not given the freedom to teach their student the way they want to. In fact, they feel their hands are tied and many times do not feel valued. We provide our teachers with the ability to teach facts, interact with their students, and give them a sense of self-worth and freedom to think for themselves. In addition, here you can take control of your teaching career and income potential.
  • Our Online Teacher’s Pay Structure. If you are reading this article, I am sure you are wondering about your pay and how much it will be. With Brainfood Academy you will be an Independent Contractor and essentially you determine your pay, but the potential for an exceptional pay is here. You can make as much as your time will allow. You will be able to teach multiple grades and subjects and can have up to 500 students in each class. Your pay is only effected negatively if you fail to draw students to your platform. (EX: A Student Accesses a Class, a $10 Credit goes to the Teacher’s Wallet per student per call per month. So if you are teaching 100 students in a session, it is $1000 for that Session for the month. 500 would be $5000.00. And so on, up to 500 students per class) GET PAID YOUR WORTH HERE!
  • Extensive Online Curriculum. The students taught here will have a wide variety of courses for learning and expanding their minds. You will find the courses States require, along with many courses not usually offered in the traditional school system (i.e.: sign language). From instilling in our little ones the joy of learning to comprehensive learning in the upper grades, the children will thrive here. There is no indoctrinating the students to think like someone else, as a matter of fact, they will learn to express their own ideas and opinions and see their value.
  • Can Teach From Anywhere. Being able to teach from anywhere is an amazing benefit with Brainfood Academy. As long as you have internet access, you can teach your classes; teach from home or anywhere. You will no longer have the usual restrictions of the classroom. If you need to go out of town for personal reasons or to go to a vacation spot for a change in your surroundings, it’s not a problem. Just settle in, log in, and teach your students.
  • Free Parent Account. There is no cost to come and look at everything, including the Curriculum. Get Your Free Parent Account Here. Share with everyone you know who has an interest in an Alternative to our Current Educational System (teachers and parents). Also, see the Information Page for Brainfood Academy.
  • Join Us Every Wednesday Evening. In our Global Zoom Access Room (JOIN US HERE). Or you can enter the Zoom Meeting Room: 267 159 642. You also can access the Location on YouTube.Go Here for the Channel. From that Channel you will find Supporting and Previous recordings. NOTE: If you find that the Global Zoom Room is Full, you can Go to our YouTUBE Channel to access the Live Broadcast of this Zoom Information Training. Therefore, you can find us Every Wednesday Night: 5:30 pm PST / 6:30 pm MST / 7:30 pm CST / 8:30 pm EST / 9:30 pm AST.
  • Keep in Touch. Learn all about us, this is something you need to see. Contact Us and we will start the Vetting Process, provide you with all detail and start you in the most exciting change for your Teaching Career.
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Are you a teacher that hates a strict schedule and lack of freedom? Do you want to reach more students than you ever imagined possible? Would you like the autonomy to bring your unique skills and personality to your classes? Do you want to be truly valued and get paid your worth? Then Brainfood Academy is for you! Let’s Get Started, Submit Your Resume!

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