Coffee Additive for Weight Loss

A coffee additive that helps you sustain your weight loss. No need for strenuous exercise! Don’t change your coffee, change your creamer. Are you tired of talking about weight loss? I know I am….year after year of “intending” to lose a few pounds, making a plan, maybe sticking to it for a few weeks or months, but then giving it up because it’s just too hard. That’s me. Well, quit researching all the thousands of diets out there; it will make you crazy. We’ve got a great plan!

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plôs® THERMO: This is the weight-loss catalyst. Take this along with a cup of caffeine coffee, tea, or your favorite caffeinated beverage. This effectively curbs your hunger. To make sure you don’t forget to eat lunch, try setting a timer! Additionally, plôs® THERMO increases your energy while burning surplus fat! With zlēm®, this is the perfect Combo for Weight Loss.

I was so tired of worrying about my weight that I just quit trying…..then I discovered weight management that isn’t painful and is sustainable. There is a new and innovative solution to taking control of your weight management through the Science of Bio-Hacking!!! It’s a “thermo”, non-dairy, yet creamy, companion to your coffee (or beverage of choice). I, actually, add mine to a smoothie. And after the “yummy” comes control of your cravings, boost to metabolism, and support to body composition goals. And with use for about 30-60 days comes, wait for it………WEIGHT LOSS!!! What a concept, losing weight while drinking coffee or another favorite beverage! This is an ideal Weight Loss Partner with zlēm® for a healthy path to weight loss! You can learn more here.

Healthy Weight Loss by Enjoying Your Coffee

Everybody I know wants to lose weight, from a few pounds to major loss of weight. Human nature drives our desire to “lose weight quickly”, however, the reality is that sustained weight loss is achieved by gradual weight loss. If we lose pounds quickly (through whatever means), it is usually unsuccessful long-term and the pounds find their way back to our bodies. UGH!!

coffee-cup of coffee with tape measure wrapped around it

According to the CDC in reference to “healthy weight, nutrition, and physical exercise”, they indicate “even modest weight loss can mean big benefits”!! They say that even a weight loss of 5 to 10 percent of your body weight could probably produce health benefits. Some of the benefits are improvement in blood pressure, blood glucose (sugar), and blood cholesterol. So, even the smallest weight loss can have health benefits, so think of it as a journey rather than an immediate destination. Good nutrition and regular exercise will also help in this process. But, why not “kick-start” your weight loss efforts with a product that can make the whole process easier?

Benefits of New “Thermo” Weight Loss Coffee Additive

This “thermo” creamer helps you reach your fitness and body composition goals. But, what does actually mean? Basically, it takes your fat cells and converts them into energy. So, plôs® THERMO boosts your weight loss efforts, curbs cravings, and boosts your metabolism….not to mention this product eliminates using calorie-rich, dairy creamers.

Demands of your job and family and maybe issues with bills and health, therefore, we definitely do not need to be worrying about weight and fat too! We need something that can help and we’ve discovered just that: plôs® THERMO that you add to your favorite coffee (or other favorite beverage). You will see the inches melt away!

And the Lifestyle Benefit Associated with this?

With our plôs® THERMO you can gradually lose those unwanted inches the easy way. And an even greater benefit is that you will keep it off. I was so sick of trying different diets, that, yes, may have helped me drop a few pounds. But, with one little dietary slip the weight went right back on. Finding this product has been such a blessing for me, because I can eat what I want and live my life the way I want and still lose weight.

All I do is put the plôs® THERMO in my coffee in the morning. I love the way it makes me feel, I’m suddenly full of energy. However, you can add it to any beverage of your choice. (I’ve heard Chai tea is a real favorite). See below for all the amazing benefits:

coffee-person sleeping while dreaming of shrinking scale
  • No more measuring out your food or counting calories (Hurray!)
  • You don’t have to exercise!
  • No need to experiment with all those yo-yo diets
  • You don’t have to change your lifestyle (have a date night without guilt)
  • You can now relax, you’ve just found the wonder of Bio-Hacking Science

Now that you have found a successful plan…one that is stress-free and allows you that gradual weight loss that is sustainable. you deserve to enjoy your success. With this wonderful product, you’ll be able to enjoy all of life’s pleasures. Indulge in your favorite dishes with Fine Wine and all without the guilt or worry of what it might do to your waistline. You’ve got to love the sound of that!!!

So, if you are weary from all the unsuccessful yo-yo diets you have tried, just try plôs® THERMO. I’m confident you will love this stuff as much as I do. However, that is not all we have found; they also have products that will make you feel so good, those to help you sleep, one that increases your mental focus and improves your mood. Not to mention one that gives you healthier skin, hair and nails. Here you will see the additional incredible Bio-Hacking Products.

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