Affiliate Disclosures

In accordance with the FTC and in being great people; we are part of a program and culture of Work From Home Affiliate Marketers. This is part of a program called RRR247. Because of this we are taking incredible products and services that really help around the Globe.

It is best to assume that anything we represent benefits us in kind. Either in marketing and traffic or even commissions or other compensation. Because of the incredible benefits of doing this to provide for our families; we like to disclose that we do receive compensation. Because of this, we do utilize affiliate links and tracking to provide results and track payment.

Know that we are also a Community that shares the power of Affiliate Marketing. And even more as trained and supported by our Community. We also have methods for you to contact us. For more information on anything we have shared here on OUR AWESOME PBS.

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What are affiliate links?

Any and all purchases are made on external website of our clients or partners. When a reader clicks on an affiliate link on this very Performance Blogging System, we send to the client’s site. We literally find these amazing products, share them, and connect you. There is safety and security in this process.

Prices are exactly the same for you if your purchase is through an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link. You will not pay more by clicking through to the link. And in many cases you are saving money by using our links and Discount or Offer Codes.

Within our Community of Online Marketing Students and Professionals of this trade we gain. This includes samples and free promotional products; and the best of all income in helping to market our clients products and services.

These Affiliate Disclosures are to keep you informed of our role in this process of marketing.

And that though we only believe in marketing or sharing products we believe in; we are compensated in multiple ways for sharing them online.

We do work to write, market, post ads, and even pay for ads in some cases. This is a business in this Affiliate Disclosures we make you aware that we, in fact, are paid in many ways for things we share.