Nutrient Dense Beef-Savor the Goodness

This Nutrient Dense Beef comes from a magical place. In the middle of the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming, you will find a family that has cultivated a ranch producing “the best beef” with health and nature as their mission. Nutrient Dense Beef loaded with great taste and nourishment, with cattle grazing on 40,000 acres fed by twenty-seven natural springs. This is some of the finest natural ranchland in the world.

nutrient dense beef-cattle grazing in green grasslands

This rancher is raising his cattle in the way nature intended. He has learned that allowing animals to graze on these grasslands helps the land. And in return, the land provides the proper minerals and nutrients, making the meat of the cattle more nutritious. It is found that rotating grazing animals on ranches can produce better meats and vegetables.

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The Grocery Store’s Beef

Most of the grocery stores and even our restaurants give you beef that they raise; meaning it is “grain-fed”. The big beef producers will fatten their cattle up in confined feedlots through the Concentrated Animal Feed Operation or CAFA. These feedlot animals are usually fed a diet primary of corn, some distilled grains and even food waste. The food waste is less expensive, but I ask you, if the cows are being fed “food waste” how healthy can they be?

nutrient dense beef-tray with comparison of two groumd beefs

The cattle in these feedyards are often given Antibiotics, Hormones and other Additives to increase their weight. With our beef loaded with nutrients, none of this occurs; they only consume the healthy nutrients provided by the rich grasslands of Wyoming. Look at this picture. Would you rather have the Nutrient-Dense Beef on the top or the grocery store beef on the bottom?

Nutrient Dense Beef-Great Stats

We are proud to bring to you this delicious beef that proves to be some of the most nutrient-dense in the country. Recently, the Bionutrient Food Association did a study and found the ranchers bringing you this extraordinary beef rank 64% higher in phytonutrients and metabolites when compared to the average grass-fed beef company. Also, is 76% higher in essential amino acids, and 239% more nutrient-dense than that of the grain-finished beef from the feedlots.

And the result for you is some of the most flavorful and nutrient dense beef in the world. Delicious beef delivered directly to your home. Experience this delight for yourself and enjoy all the health benefits that this family of ranchers is bringing to you with their Nutrient Dense Beef.

Back to the Way Nature Intended with Nutrient-Dense Beef

We have found Ranchers who truly respect the land and feel a huge responsibility to not doing any harm. They focus totally on raising and sourcing beef in accordance with the way nature intended. They achieve this with their 100% concentration on Regenerative and Restorative management and practices. Their standard is Certified Country and serves as the new bar for identifying high-quality Nutrient Dense Beef.

The results of careful attention and a dedication to the environment is Certified Country beef. Their 40,000 acres of open grazing land in Wyoming contains Nature’s gift of untouched wilderness and grasses fed by twenty-seven natural springs. This is a wonderful home for cattle to roam freely grazing on their naturally intended nutrient-rich content. There they live free, fulfilling and healthy lives.

Certified Country stands out for its dedication to natural grazing and ethical ranching, providing customers with a delicious and environmentally friendly product.

Unveiling the Power of Nutrient Dense Beef

Beef, especially, a good steak takes center stage when having a delicious meal. For my husband and I a dinner out having a steak rich in flavor is always a treat we give ourselves. What I didn’t understand is that not all beef is created equal. The impact on our nutrition and health is depends on whether the beef is grass-fed and grass-finished or grain-finished. With this Nutrient Dense Beef the health benefits are unmatched.

nutrient dense beef-plate of beautifully cooked steak
  • About Nutrient Density: With grass-fed and grass-finished beef, these cattle are free to roam and enjoy grazing on nutrient-rich grasses throughout their lives. This creates meat that has tons of essential nutrients and is exceptionally flavorful. This beef is higher in omega-3 fatty acids, which is heart-healthy fat.
  • Keeps a Balanced Fatty Acid Profile: On the other hand, grain-finished beef is higher in omega-6 fatty acids. Our bodies indeed need both omega-6s and omega-3s, but optimal health can achieve only with a balanced ratio. If you consume too much omega-6 it can increase inflammation. Therefore, grass-fed and grass-finished (nutrient dense) beef is the best choice to maintain a balanced fatty acid profile.
  • Contains Loads of Antioxidants: The nutrient-rich grasslands that feed grass-fed cattle provide countless antioxidants to their system. And, in turn these antioxidants transfer to the meat. So, as you savor that delicious grass-fed steak, you are not just having a taste treat but also gaining the benefits of antioxidants that help your body deal with oxidative stress.

Wait, there’s more:

  • Less Unhealthy Fats: Grain-finished beef show higher levels of marbling, which can mean more saturated fat content. While grass-fed beef is leaner, meaning a flavorful option to too much unhealthy fats. A factor to consider if you are concerned about your heart health.
  • Impact on our Environment: We all care about our health, but also consider a little-known fact about the environmental implications. The practice of grass-fed and grass-finished farming provides a more regenerative and sustainable agriculture. The cattle on this ranch graze in the wild and open countryside of Wyoming, contributing to healthier soil and as nature intended.

Make the Choice for Nutrient Dense, Grass-Fed and Grass-Finished Beef

It will not only make your culinary experience the best ever, but will also benefit your overall well-being. Join this flavorful journey to a healthier lifestyle. Discover these extraordinary cuts of meat from Wyoming. I never imagined how splendid a steak could taste! As you enjoy this delightful aged and fine beef, pair with some aged fine wine!