Inpersona Protects Your Medical Data

The Inpersona Solution we are sharing with you is addressing your Medical Data, thus keeping it Private. This is a significant issue for all of us. First of all, InPersona is a brand-new dApp that is transforming the metaverse by motivating and promoting better health. Second, Helo Health provides you with incredible private devices that track and enhance your health while preserving the privacy of your data.

With our Inpersona Solution we are addressing the security of your Medical Data. With this offer you will be able to keep your Medical Data Private. This is an important issue for all of us. First, know that is a newly developed dApp that is revolutionizing the world by promoting better health. Second, Helo Health provides you with incredible private devices that track and enhance your health while preserving the privacy of your data.

If you have ever been concern about the security and privacy of your Health Data, these facts will upset you even more. Cyberattacks are targeting healthcare institutions with greater frequency, with an annual increase in occurrence, therefore the risk of cyberattacks is growing in concern as the health care industry depends more and more on digital technologies.

Medical Data is not Protected by HIPAA

I worked as an RN for years and always was conscious of the HIPAA training I received. Many believe that medical health data is kept private with HIPAA, but that’s not entirely true. The government regulation of HIPAA is designed to protect patients’ private information, such as names, addresses, and phone numbers. Surprisingly, though, it is not safeguarding our medical health data, which is less secure than our personal data.

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There is a concern as to how safe this data is from data collectors. They may not be directly connected to the data they gather, but they are still making money off of the statistics pertaining to our health-related activities. I have to admit, I never realized this. I always felt I was protected by HIPAA. You can’t help but wonder: If my health data is helping someone, shouldn’t I be the one enjoying the fruits of my health experience?

This information is always up-to-date and therefore made available Here on the Inpersona.Com Page.

First, you need to Download the Inpersona App Free from the Google Play Store or Apple iStore:

Second, “Open” the application, then Create a “New” account. Now, you’ll need an “INVITE CODE”. You will get that Code from us. 


Third, in the Inpersona App, set up your Crypto Wallet. Use “Creating a New Wallet” and YOU MUST write down the 12 Phrases you got for your New Wallet. (make sure you have them recorded in a safe and retrievable location) Don’t endanger your access to Inpersona and Helo.

The App will guide you through this process. It is 4 Easy Steps, including establishing your passcode phrases (for securing your Wallet). Prepare to take notes because You must keep and Protect these.

Fourth, choose your Data NFT Mining Level. Your genuine Sovereign Data stores in an NFT. The higher the level, the greater the Mining Results and Efficiency. Below Here is an Explanation on the NFT process: (A Must See):

Fifth, Purchase your Helo Device and then when you receive your Device, activate it. This is becoming increasingly easy to do. Contact us for Support as well!

Fantastic offerings with this. And as this becomes “Mainstream” in the World, we continue to gain understanding and develop training.

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IF YOU NEED ASSISTANCE(with Inpersona and Helo): Contact Us. Each day it gets a little easier. Also we’re here to help.


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