Big Dreams – Your Greatest Wishes

Big Dreams or your Greatest Wishes!! Hmmm! I was recently given the challenge to put down into words “dream big”. That seemed like a big ask. I can think of a million things I want, but what is BIG and what is realistic? But do I really need to consider realistic? Isn’t this the time for “shooting for the moon”? Have you ever actually sat down and put into writing what your big dreams are? I know I never have. Many wishes have entered my mind occasionally but have been dismissed because they are not practical or not within my reach. But, don’t we all owe it to ourselves to enter the realm of “what if”?

How to Dream Big

big dreams-dream big sign

Close your eyes….imagine you have unlimited money and resources. You don’t have any responsibilities or people depending on you. What do you see? Beachfront property with expansive beaches and glorious waves and balmy evenings? Cabin in the woods with nature seeping into your senses…the smells, the sounds of nature’s wildlife, and the quiet and peace of it all? Suppose your dream is a monstrous penthouse overlooking the huge city you’ve always wanted to visit and dinners at the most exclusive restaurants. Whatever your big dreams, don’t you deserve them?

I am from a world where big dreams were only for the wealthy. But, why can’t we all be wealthy? Be able to grasp all those luxuries the wealthy take for granted. So many stories are out there about people from meager means, who would not accept the USUAL and looked for a newer and better way, but felt it was out of their reach. II remember my Dad, a laborer all his life, telling me to “Just buckle down, get an education, a good job and start saving. That way maybe one day you’ll be able to afford a house. I lived my entire adult life that this was my only option in life. But, huge achievements and Big Dreams is out there for everyone…a way to make your dreams come true and a way to provide for everyone you care about.

My Personal Big Dreams

After several decades of working as a nurse, I remember saying, I would just be happy if I had enough money to just be able to pay a bill when they came in the mail or if I saw something I liked, be able just to go buy it. Well, those wishes became a reality. Though I have more debt than I would like, I am able to pay my monthly bills. I really need to concentrate on getting that debt paid off. That in itself is a Big Dream, but why strive for even more….THE BIG DREAMS!!

big dreams-lounging in beach chair by ocean

So when challenged to think about BIG DREAMS, I had to relax and virtually think big. What came to my mind first was owning beachfront property (I love the ocean). I never even saw the ocean until I married and my wonderful husband took me to the Gulf Shores. I fell in love. Sitting in a beach chair glancing out at the waves with the sun beating on my face and the smell of the salt air and the seagulls song….I was in heaven. Now for a refreshing drink! When I go to the beach, I am always amazed at how looking out over the ocean and smelling the sea air always relaxes me and I really want that feeling everyday. So, beachfront property is definitely my number one big dream.

Big Dreams for my Children

But, now that I have satisfied my number one wish, I, as a mother, naturally turn to wanting for my children. Oh, how wonderful the dream of having the funds to buy each of them their own home and car in cash and set up a trust fund for each of my grandchildren. But, even better yet to be able to give all of them the best health benefits available today. That would really warm my heart.

Big Dreams for my Fellow Man

big dreams-paper and real airplane

OK, so now with my big dreams I have achieved all that I want, but what about my fellow man. Now that I have all my big dreams, isn’t only right and proper that I provide for my fellow man. Well, I, definitely don’t have the funds to accomplish that personally, but I do have the means to guide my fellow man to a way to achieve their own DREAMS. So, why not jump in and see how many of your own dreams you are able to achieve.

GOD BLESS YOU ALL! Don’t be limited by your fears, let out the WANT and DESIRE, you deserve it! SOAR BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMS!!!